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01462 410321 / 07919 893095

Hearts Services Medical currently offer the most competitive priced medical cover 

for Events / Festivals / Boxing / Martial Arts / Filming / BMX / Speedway / Sports Clubs / 

Fun Days and Racing across the country

Our dedicated, trained and insured team are all uniformed, C.R.B. checked and ready to 

continue our first class professional service across all event types.

We are Covid compliant.

Call for details and bookings.

Terms and Conditions : I understand that should I book an event with Hearts Services I am obliged to settle in full under a up to 7 day period unless a different time frame is agreed for settlement. I am also liable for full settlement, even in the case of the event being cancelled. Any additional hours are booked as follows, standard agreed rate per hour between the hours of 8am-8pm. Then time and a half unless period covers a bank holiday or recognized holiday period such as Christmas, in which case the additional hours shall be billed in full at triple time. Minimum contract hours are 4 unless agreed prior to undertaking.

Should a cancellation occur through any reason, liability for the costs stated as an amount remain as follows, minimum down to one month notice prior notification 50% charge of event remains as a contractual obligation. less than one month notification of cancellation 100% of the charge remains as a contractual obligation.

it must be remembered we are staffed by working medics who could have other work that is being set aside in favour of provision for your event. Likewise when we secure an event booking with a client this means another job cannot and will not be booked for the same time, thus any cancellation incurs lose income to our company and our staff will remain out of pocket. please ensure you read these terms carefully before contractually engaging Hearts Services for your event.

Should your event consist of other activities that have not been declared we reserve the right to remove our services with options to increase provision to cover these activities at additional costs to you as a the client. Should the event be of a nature as not declared and we remove medical provision due to your risk assessment being incomplete we will recomend your event cease immediate and all costs via us will remain in full.

01462 410321 / 079019 893095

For First Aid Training requirements please use our sister company and website at


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